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July 7, 2015

Sadie talks running and strength


Gym or fitness center? Bulking up or slimming down? Building muscle or leaning out? Does your mind use black and white stereotyping in an attempt to understand the definition of what “working out” is? Another example of black and white thinking the trainers at Main Street Fitness run into is running versus weight training. Running is a favorite exercise regimen for many people. However, runners often skip weight training for the fear of getting too bulky.

People do not want to be any bigger than they are and associate weightlifting and working on the machines at the gym with building muscle and getting larger. We have all heard that having muscle helps burn fat, but it has also been said that eating celery burns fat. We can all agree that there will always be new ways to improve your health, but who realistically has time to follow every updated health hint you hear?

You would spend your entire life making sure you were up to date on what form of protein gives you the leanest abs, what the latest “bad carbohydrate” discovery is, what seed helps lower your cholesterol the most, and if adding cayenne pepper to your dinner really causes weight loss. You get the point; there is a lot of information out there. We sometimes encounter folks who think that lifting weights is only really used for bulking up, something, in their opinion, is reserved for men and body building contests.





 They are completely misinformed. I started working at Main Street Fitness about a month ago after running into one of the owners. He told me to stop in to check it out. He mentioned needing some part time help so I thought, why not? However, I was more interested in the free tanning than I was the free gym membership.  After one of my first shifts I was asked to come workout with a couple of the trainers. A couple times a week during the slow hours, the trainers get together and teach each other new and different ways to workout. They do this to learn from each other and also, get a workout in, a no-brainer to participate

I was flattered when asked to join in a session, seeing as the people that work here have extremely impressive credentials, not to mention not one of them has a body that I wouldn’t prefer over my own. During my first workout I realized I had completely confused my idea of fitness a long time ago. I learned the proper way to lift and use equipment and in just an hour, I felt better stability, better posture and that my workout was actually benefiting my body in a healthy, lean way.

For the last twelve years I thought that I running was good enough. Not only has my running improved after some solid strength training sessions, I feel better in though-out my entire body.


Written by: Sadie Olson



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