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January 30, 2015

Isagenix Transformation Series: Part 2

It is Day 3 of our local radio DJ Chadwick's Isagenix cleanse and he is already a convert!  3 to 4 days is all it takes for most people to notice some positive changes through nutritional cleansing, and Chadwick's changes are quite noticeable. Here is what Chadwick had to say prior to checking his measurements.......



When I started the cleanse I was heavier than I remember letting myself get to before.  And with the holidays coming this may be the perfect time to get into a healthier way of thinking and acting.  My hope is that Thanksgiving is soon enough that I can enjoy the food but my will to not indulge to the point of explosion and (the cleanse experience will be) fresh enough that I won't let myself fall off the wagon too hard.  But only time will tell.  Here we go to the gym to see if I have made progress in body measurements, and to see if i can run further than on Monday.


Listen in to how Chadwick has changed in just 3 days....

Listen to Chadwick's 9 Day Cleanse Transformation Part 2

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