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January 3, 2015

Featured Class: Boxing

My old boxing coach would say...  "Think you're in shape?  Try putting on the gloves and going a couple of rounds in the ring, or even just a couple of minutes."  No workout is more physically demanding than boxing.  I'm not talking about one of those cardio boxing classes either.  I'm talking about skipping rope for 20 minutes, going 3 rounds on the heavy bag, then some bobbing and weaving on double end bag, along with some mitt work - and that's just your warm up.  Then the real work out begins...  

You get in the ring and go five, 3-minute rounds working on combinations, slipping, footwork, counter punching and hand speed.  There's a reason boxers have abs to die for, they've earned them!  (Do I sound like Rocky's coach yet?!)

Boxing at Main Street isn't about fighting or getting hit... sparring is always optional.  What it's about is training to have that "to die for" body with a dynamic routine that is NEVER boring.  A boxing workout here is fun, challenging, energetic, a total stress reliever, and it will build unparalleled confidence.  It will get you in tune with every muscle and every movement your body is capable of.  We give you several options for adding boxing to your routine.  You can take our boxing class on Thursday evening or you can get one-on-one boxing instruction from a trainer.  

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By Kylee Seifert | Tags: Featured Classes, Training Tips